Friday, July 4, 2008

Life in the "green" lane?

So it's been a while since I posted... woops, life sorta took off on me quickly... a few things to talk about now! Working for Brinkster. They're awesome! Linux guru on his way to the top! For now, I'm sticking with tech support, pay my time and help people out in the mean time, get paid for it... Not a bad deal at all!! :)

Ovation Photography! Also doing weddings for them... Excellent company! Thank you Bob! I photographed my first wedding under Ovation Photography this last weekend, and Me Espocita and I are moving on up to a nice place closer to my work and her work! Things are looking on the Up and Up! Yehoshua (Jesus) is still on His throne ruling the nations with His rod of Iron and we're all still rebelling... Nothing new!

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Honda Worldwide Article

So I'm looking and I see these ads on tv for this new "Hydrogen powered, Zero Emission Honda".... Yah, bout time they finally got a clue, hydrogen carbeuration has been around since carbeurators and only when they think the worlds in a crisis do they decide to pull out that ace they've had up their sleeves.... It's pricy, I looked at it. $600 to lease, though when you think about the benefits, 0 emission, cheap gas, very efficient AND they do all the maintenance for the 3 years you get it, it's not too shabby... I think we'll be seeing more of these cars in the future!

Last but not least... I've been working on a new layout and design for I'm moving away from a "photography service" company and more towards providing a Photography Forum as well as Guitar Forum... yes that's right for those of you who don't know, I'm also fairly decent at guitar, I'm not entirely a scales master, but been working on that and also on my Perfect Pitch Ear ;) Which has yet to get anywhere near perfect!!!

Joel Hanger Photography

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