Thursday, June 4, 2009

Panoramics Revealed

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff

I used to do all my panoramic stitching's manually. I've watched many programs come and never found one that can do quite as good as a manual stitching would produce. I found one that was absolutely amazing but took almost as much time to tweak the images as it would to do manual stitching (unless it was a really insanely large number of photos).

Walnut Canyon, Flagstaff

Recently I was introduced to Microsoft ICE. I'm skeptical, of course, because if you know me, not so much of a Microsoft fan..... Much to my surprise I reluctantly have to give Microsoft 2 thumbs up... I know I know, a year ago, 2 years ago, 10 years ago, you all know I would rather break my thumbs off than give any kudos to Microsoft, however, Giving credit where credit is due...

Wupatki Indian Ruin, Flagstaff
Microsoft ICE, I believe, is the most efficient and ACCURATE panoramic stitching software I've used. I'd love to start revisiting many of my favorite photo's that I've been saving up to stitch together, ones that were too difficult to do otherwise and I didn't feel like taking time to do. The images you're seeing are some of the first posts of my New Photo's, taken from our vacation to flagstaff with my wife's side of family...

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff

As soon as I get my data recovered from my crashed hard drives (all my work is on those drives), I will be reworking some of my previous panoramic images and see how well the stack up!

Sunset Point, Arizona