Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Time Blues

Everyone knows that summers can be pretty slow for photography...

However in Arizona the desert really comes alive. It's when all the plants
actually turn green, despite the 110+ temperatures, the lack of rain
and the massive amounts of pollution being dumped into the air from
Phoenicians ;)

So I'm doin this cause I want y'all to buy my photos and I heard that bloggin's pretty cool so I'm giving it a whirl.. those of you that been doin it a while can probably tell i'm a n00b to this, but I'm sure like everything else, it'll get better with time ;) Here's some photo's, if you wanna buy em, give me a call, or e-mail ;)

These ones are from a trip I took with Me Espocita - Robyn, to HorseShoe Bend outside of Page Arizona. I'm an idiot too cause I didn't realize Antelope Canyon was there as well and didn't plan for that in the trip!

Joel Hanger Photography


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